Vibe XM is a designer and producer of exhibits, environments, retail, museums and mobile marketing with a focus on both North American and International activation. We’re a customer service driven organization that prides itself on responsiveness, creativity and superb quality of execution in the field. Look no further for a partner that will deliver on promises and prides itself on a flexible, enjoyable, stress free experience.   

ViBE’s award winning team of experienced designers will assist in navigating through the process of creating top quality ideation. We approach every project from a variety of creative communication and audience engagement perspectives - experiential, architectural and graphic - to produce unique, compelling and stunning creative. The basis of success in three-dimensional, experiential marketing begins with an understanding of the objectives and the needs of the target audience, then developing a creative approach that fulfills both. At times we only get one shot to impress therefore we pride ourselves on delivering the best 2D/3D solutions the industry has to offer.

Whether you are looking for a large promotional vehicle, an exhibit, or just a simple banner stand to increase brand awareness ViBE is the right fit for all your manufacturing needs. With strategic partnerships across North America and throughout the world, ViBE delivers quality in a seamless and effective manner. We bring the resource strength of multiple facilities, each with a full complement of fabrication services, and providing a significant amount of climate-controlled space for construction, service and warehousing.

ViBE craftspeople exemplify a strong work ethic and a wealth of experience. Efficiency and quality is assured through standardized procedures.

 Capabilities include:
  • Production in wood, paint, metal, plastic, and the creative use of alternative and sustainable materials
  • Graphics production including large-scale production needs
  • Contemporary equipment such as CNC routers and solvent-based printers that enhance efficiency
  • Master electricians with expertise in high-tech lighting, product wiring, audio-visual systems, and other special effects

If you need assistance with installation or tear down of your assets we can certainly deliver. Each and every ViBE installer adheres to our defined customer service expectations to ensure you have a positive experience from start to finish. ViBE continually trains our team members on all skills including electrical, a/v, graphic etc. We also spend a significant amount of time communicating with the fabrication team to ensure efficiency and ease of installation.

Should you require shipping and transportation ViBE has the perfect team of strategic logistic partners to ensure point A to B is met with precise timing and optimal care of your assets.